I am currently writing an overview chapter on Redemptive History as part of a larger work on hermeneutics.  This particular chapter is in preparation for a discussion on the “Christological Context” of any verse/pericope/passage.  I have found it relatively easy to find the right words for expressing my ideas concerning the Torah, OT historical books and most of the prophets.  And, of course, describing the Christological nature of the NT is self-explanatory.  Finding the way to talk about the OT poetic books, however, has been more challenging.  How do I make my point without being reductionistic or flattening out subtle and important details?

Well in God’s providence, Dr. Dieudonné Tamfu (Jubilee Community Church and Bethlehem College & Seminary), who recently dissertated on the book of Psalms, was in town to speak earlier this month on these very issues!  His explanation of the movement through the Psalms opened my eyes to details I had been overlooking.  “Illuminating” and “extremely edifying” are the words that come to mind as I look back on those lectures.

I’m thrilled to post the lectures here for our September blog.  Listen and savor Jesus in the Psalms!

Dr. Tamfu will also be back to Indianapolis in January to teach an entire course on the OT Poets dv.