— a conference or meeting to discuss a topic of particular public interest

The mission of Indianapolis Theological Seminary is to collaborate with local churches for biblical and theological training unto the glory of God.  Primarily we accomplish this by offering master’s level courses and organizing internships for students in pursuit of a Master of Divinity degree, a Master of Arts degree, or a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies. Additionally, at least twice a year we also host lectures for the larger public that focus on topics that commonly do not arise in the typical teaching schedules of local churches. The following are audio and video of past symposia. Information on our next symposium can be found here.

Fall 2019

Save the date: Our next symposium will be the evening of November 3rd at Midtown Church.
Dr. Daniel Doriani of Covenant Theological Seminary will give a public lecture and field questions on the important topic of Work, the title of his most recent book. Details to follow soon.

Summer 2019

Dr. Nicholas Perrin: “The Kingdom of God”

In these two brief interviews Dr. Perrin talks about his new book The Kingdom of God: A Biblical Theology.

Spring 2019

Coach Frank Reich: “Created to Compete”

Coach Frank Reich: “Created to Compete” Q&A

Donald Witney2.jpg

This lesson by Dr. Whitney is one in a larger series. The other lessons are accessible here.

spring 2018

fall 2017

Tamfu Renew 2017 (4) cropped.jpg

This lesson by Dr. Tamfu is one in a larger series. The other lessons are accessible here.

spring 2017