God loves the church and continues to provide leaders for it throughout the generations. It is the church’s job to train such leaders for faithful ministry based on the Word of God. However, many churches lose those leaders as they send them out of their city to be trained in seminaries across the countries. I love being a part of a seminary that doesn’t ask the churches in Indianapolis and the surrounding towns to make such a sacrifice. Indianapolis Theological Seminary is committed to being what a para-church ministry is supposed to be – a resource to serve and support the local church. It is a joy to be a part of such endeavor which will inevitably lead to mature and multiplying churches for the glory of Jesus Christ.
— Rev. Eric Bancroft, Senior Pastor, Castleview Baptist Church
Two Questions: Does pastoral formation belong more to ‘academia’ or to the ‘ecclesia’? Are church leaders better prepared in the context of a seminary classroom or in the life of a local church? The answer is both. The purpose of Indianapolis Theological Seminary is to integrate theory and practice in the life of men and women who love God, His Word, and His church. I’m thrilled to be part of this new and exciting project for the glory of God.
— Dr. Steve Sandvig, Coordinator for Leadership Development, Central Indiana Presbytery
A seminary marked by academic excellence, a passionate embrace of Word-based ministry, and a dynamic commitment to the centrality of the local church in God’s program. What’s not to like? Count me in! Indianapolis Theological Seminary - a refreshing and long needed model.
— Dr. Joseph Flatt, retired pastor of First Baptist Church, Carmel
I’m involved in Indianapolis Theological Seminary because I yearn for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. I see local seminaries as extraordinarily strategic to the glory of God because of this logic: seminaries help train pastors in proclaiming God’s Word; pastors then preach and teach His Word in local churches all around the world; the Word then works by the Spirit to bring new birth, equip disciple-making Christians, and ultimately sate their affections on the God who alone can satisfy the longings of every soul.
— Kevin McClure, Associate Pastor of Discipleship, Geist Community Church
I’m excited about this burgeoning ministry for several reasons. For one, the kind of training necessary to prepare students for life-long fruitful ministry requires an incarnational model. That is just what ITS is aiming for.
— Dr. Nicholas Piotrowski, Associate Pastor of Theological Development, Northside Baptist Church

local pastors

Indianapolis Theological Seminary answers the call to bring substantive biblical theology, superior biblical teaching, and spiritual biblical transformation to Indianapolis. Welcome!
— Rev. Andy Hunt, Senior Pastor, New Life Community Church
It is a critical need for the Church of the Lord Jesus to have called, competent and well-trained pastors and leaders to guide Christians to grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord and in the work of the kingdom. Indianapolis Theological Seminary has this vision. ITS will fill a tremendous void in the Indianapolis area, by providing a solid Bible-based curriculum for students of the Word to grow in their knowledge of the Lord, while able to stay connected in the local church where they are currently serving. This model provides a path for uniting strong academic training with the practical life and work of the local church. As local Churches partner together across denominational lines we have the privilege to pool our resources, work together to show the world a picture of the unity of the broader body of Christ, and continue to sharpen one another for the glory of Christ.
— Rev. John F. Peoples, Jr., Associate Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church
I’m excited about Indianapolis Theological Seminary because it brings together the need for rigorous biblical education for pastoral ministry and the responsibility of local churches to raise up pastors. It is a healthy model of partnership between a seminary and churches, full of potential for advancing the gospel broader in our communities and deeper in our churches.
— Drew Hunter, Teaching Pastor, Zionsville Fellowship
I thank God for this new local hub for robust Christian scholarship. Individuals will deepen in their walk with God through ITS and become equipped from rigorous ministry to the heart and mind. Churches in Indianapolis will be blessed in months and years to come through this seminary that is solidly rooted in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Our city and state will be strengthened as the gospel of Jesus Christ is understood and applied as a result of the labor of Indianapolis Theological Seminary.
— Rev. James Faris, Pastor, Second Reformed Presbyterian Church
One of thing I love most about the vision of ITS is the leaders’ passion for both the gospel of Jesus Christ and the good of his church. Not only are they looking to offer a rigorous, Christ-centered theological education, but doing so in a way that maintains the vital connection between classroom and local church. I thank God for their ministry!
— Dan Weller, Pastor, Living Faith Church


I have found the classes at ITS to be engaging and insightful. The professors’ knowledge and expertise make the lectures substantive and intellectually stimulating. I especially appreciate the emphasis on using what we learn to better serve the church and the communities in which we live.
— Lucas Holt, ITS student
The course I took at ITS was top quality. I have attended seminary classes in the past and this course was just as challenging and enlightening. The readings, lectures and discussions were stimulating. My desire for a deeper understanding of my Lord and His Word were both fed and directed to continue learning in the on-going quest for Truth. Praying for and excited about ITS.
— Bev Olonoh, ITS student
When educating and training people to think for themselves, there is just no substitute for knowledgeable professors who are committed to the outcome of their task. At ITS, this has been my experience. I switched from an online program to ITS’s live classes for just that. With top-notch professors who are themselves engaged in ministry, the dedication of ITS to its mission is obvious as they teach, and the students learn, all to the glory of God.
— Brice Giesbrecht, ITS student
Being trained for the local church by the local church is the best-case scenario for guys like me. ITS provides classes that help me continue learning relevant and apologetically significant truth while I serve in a local church. At ITS I’m able to learn alongside others in ministry, and learn from those who have been in ministry long enough to teach me from their own experience. Beyond this, ITS is committed to learning the Word of God so that their students are capable and competent proclaimers of the Word of God. Learning for the church while staying in my church is why I choose to study at ITS.
— Noah DeBaun

Why a new seminary?

Local churches are the incubator inside of which the most effective discipleship takes place. When Christ calls sinners to himself he places them inside the communion of saints that transcends time and place. That universal church manifests itself in local communities with a diversity of spiritual gifts whereby sinners can increasingly be conformed into the image of Christ. By God’s grace, some are also called to full-time vocational ministry. Should not the local church play a key role in those persons’ discipleship as well? We at ITS certainly believe so. It is the responsibility of churches and their leaders to raise up the next generation of pastors and missionaries.

Currently in Indianapolis, churches and pastors who take that calling seriously have to look elsewhere to thoroughly provide the training necessary for those heading to vocational ministry. Students must either relocate, or go online, or take extension-campus classes from schools located elsewhere. While we are grateful for the efforts of those schools, and praise God for the wealth of educational options, we also believe Indianapolis would benefit from a local seminary, one that works hand-in-hand with the churches and pastors of central Indiana.

Indianapolis Theological Seminary, therefore, exists to collaborate with local churches to supplement and empower their own efforts in biblical and theological training. Our curriculum involves a combination of robust in-class courses taught by credentialed scholars, and formative church-based internships led by experienced pastors. We believe that in order to be an effective minister of the gospel, pastors need training in the languages, Biblical Theology, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, History of Philosophy and Apologetics, as well as incarnationally learned Practical Theology. Our combination of courses and internships are aimed at providing students exactly that.

The History of ITS

ITS began when a group of pastors gathered in 2014 to discuss how we are currently raising up the next generation of church leaders and what we can do to improve. Out of that initial meeting, seven individual pastors and former-pastors began meeting regularly to formally launch the seminary. Classes began in the fall of 2015 with an energetic group of students.

In the fall of 2016, we began to offer the full curriculum of in-class courses that will comprise an “MA in Biblical and Theological Ministry.” During that course of study students will be able to add the internships necessary for earning an MDiv. For more information, contact us at info@indysem.org. Read our 2016 Year-in-Review here.

Who Are the Leaders of ITS?

The ITS leadership consists of a board of pastors and former-pastors who see the imperative of discipling the next generation of church leaders, and are committed to establishing this seminary so that they do not need to send students away during these crucial years of development. They all subscribe to the system of doctrine found in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Second London Confession of Faith.