The purpose of the following assessment is to evaluate Student Learning Outcomes across all ITS internships, as well as guide PTM's and ITS leadership in reflecting on how this internship might be improved in the future.  As you answer these questions please think about the actual process of the internship itself (not the student per se; feed back for the student personally is gathered elsewhere - through the form in the Internship Handbook).  Clicking submit at the bottom will send this form to ITS's Academic Dean.  Again, thank you for working with ITS, and helping in this way of assessment.

Practical Theology Mentor's Name *
Practical Theology Mentor's Name
What were the course objectives (copy and paste from the syllabus)?
Basic Components of Every ITS Course: *
Basic Components of Every ITS Course:
These first questions are designed to help professors reflect on the basic components of any ITS course. Please comment on all these following statements. There is a space after these first questions to make any comments on the general nature of the course.
1) All necessary information was distributed before the course started.
2) The format of the internship provided enough opportunity to fulfill the course description.
3) The course objectives were met.
4) We used a variety of teaching and learning methods.
5) The readings selected for this internship were helpful in fulfilling the objectives.
6) The assignments were helpful in fulfilling the course objectives.
7) The amount of reading/homework/assignments was appropriate for this level of study.
8) The internship kept to the proposed schedule in the syllabus.
9) The student(s) knew what was expected of them at all times (could understand syllabus, assignments and schedule).
10) The student(s) were engaged in active ministry throughout the internship.
11) Our online learning platform (Sycamore) was helpful.
12) The student(s) seemed to be engaged throughout the course.
13) I kept attendance and grades regularly and consistently as the course progressed.
14) I turned final grades in on time.
15) The final grades accurately reflect students’ efforts and learning.
ITS Learning Outcomes *
The full ITS curriculum is designed to produce graduates who are adept in the following areas called "The ITS Student Learning Outcomes." To which of the following Outcomes did THIS internship specifically contribute (these are printed on your syllabus)?
The following questions are organized around ITS’s Student Learning Outcomes, and how this course specifically fits therein. Please ONLY answer the questions in the categories that appeared on your syllabus.
Please only answer the following questions if your course aimed at the Hermeneutics & Biblical Theology Outcome.
1) The course helped students develop their Greek and Hebrew.
2) The course demonstrated a responsible use of Scripture.
3) The course helped students think in redemptive-historical and covenantal categories.
4) The course exhibited the multifaceted dimensions of the gospel.
Please only answer the following questions if your course aimed at the Historical & Systematic Theology Outcome.
1) The course engaged and employed classical Systematic categories.
2) The course interacted with significant streams of Church history.
3) The course promoted a coherent Reformed worldview.
Please only answer the following questions if your course aimed at the Cultural Apologetics Outcome.
1) The subject matter was situated vis-à-vis longstanding historical and philosophical trends.
2) The course explored its subject matter vis-à-vis the current cultural climate.
3) The course demonstrated how its subject matter bears on contemporary events.
4) The course redressed contemporary barriers to the plausibility of the gospel.
Please only answer the following questions if your course aimed at the Ministerial Leadership Outcome.
1) The course enhanced the students’ skills in personal communication.
2) The course enhanced the students’ preaching abilities.
3) The course enhanced the students’ writing skills.
4) The course fostered the centrality of the church in missions and evangelism.
5) The course promoted meaningful discipleship.
6) The course demonstrated the centrality of scripture.
Please only answer the following questions if your course aimed at the Spiritual Transformation Outcome.
1) The students evinced growth in Christ-likeness.
2) The students increasingly bore the fruits of the Spirit.
3) The students demonstrably brought the gospel to bear on their own lives.
4) The students lived by grace.
5) The students applied the gospel to all of life.
Again, thank you for teaching this ITS course. Please use this field to make any further comments on the course, as well as share with ITS how your experience was/how we at ITS can improve the experience for our professors.