In our efforts to bless local churches, each semester ITS makes one course available for Pastors to audit for free. This upcoming semester we are inviting Pastors (of any kind) to sit in on the the following course:

FALL 2019

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Course Name

BT 657     I Corinthians     [syllabus coming soon]

Course Description

An exegetical study of I Corinthians from the Greek text. Issues of textual establishment, historical backgrounds, intertexture, and interpretation will be explored. Prerequisite: a beginner’s knowledge of Greek.



Tuesdays, September 3–December 10, 7–10pm.


Redeemer Presbyterian Church

1505 N Deleware St
Indianapolis, IN 46202


Dr. Nicholas Piotrowski


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Course Name

BT 513     Poets       [syllabus coming soon]

Course Description

A detailed study of the poetic and wisdom books of the Old Testament: Job−Song of Solomon. Focus will be on introductory material, salient literary features, theology, canonical contribution, and contemporary debates.


Monday-Friday, January 6th - 10th, 9:00am to 5:00pm


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