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Courses & Degrees


Courses & Degrees

ITS now offers courses in sequence for students to earn an MA in Biblical and Theological Ministry.  The following courses are part of that program.  See the full course listings below.  Students interested in an MDiv will start with these MA courses and from there develop their own program in coordination with the ITS leadership.

Fall 2017

Hebrew I

Taught by Dr. Daniel Watson

Pre-Exilic Prophets

Taught by Dr. Samuel Emadi

Pauline Theology

Taught by Dr. William Barcley

The Church (ST IV)

Professor TBD

Tuition Cost

$135/Credit Hour
To Audit: $135/course

Current Students:


M.A. in Biblical & Theological ministry

M.A. in Biblical & Theological ministry

Indianapolis Theological Seminary began offering classes for the first time in the fall of 2016 that will accumulate in an M.A. degree.  Students can also supplement that curriculum with Biblical Languages and additional internships to earn an M.Div. 

The unique component about ITS is that approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the courses will be offered in local church contexts (internships, apprenticeships, etc.) while the rest will be taught in classroom settings.  Thus, ITS has the vision of wedding robust graduate-level academic instruction with real ministerial experience right here in Indianapolis. Internships will be carried out as arranged by the student and the supervising church/pastor; in-class courses will meet on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights with occasional weekend intensives. 

Master of Arts in Biblical & Theological Ministry

Credits earned in Class

Hermeneutics (2)
Pentateuch (3)
Pre-Exilic Prophets (3)
Poets (2)
Exilic & Post-Exilic Prophets (3)
Synoptic Gospels & Acts (3)
Pauline Theology (3)
General Epistles (2)
Johannine Theology (2)

ST I:  God & Scripture (3)
ST II:  Humanity & Christology (3)
ST III:  Holy Spirit, Salvation & Last Things (3)
ST IV:  The Church (1)

CH I:  The Church Fathers & Middle Ages (3)
CH II:  The Reformation & Today (3)

History of Philosophy (3)
Apologetics (3)


PRACTICAL THEOLOGY credits (at least 9) will be earned through local church internships. The study-focus of these internships will be chosen by the student and the overseeing church/pastor. Foci can include:
Pastoral Theology, Spiritual Growth, Polity, Evangelism & Discipleship, Preaching, Counseling, Marriage & Family, Missions, Church Planting, etc.


Six (6) credits will be earned either through more internships or specialty courses.

See the currently planned schedule of courses here

Read the ITS Learning distinctives here

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Apply to Study at ITS

Apply to Study at ITS

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Instructions: The following items are required to audit, take classes for credit, or pursue a master’s degree at ITS:

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