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ITS now offers courses in sequence for students to earn an MA in Biblical and Theological Ministry or Master of Divinity.  The following courses are part of those programs (Hebrew only part of the M.Div.).  

Current Courses

Hebrew Exegesis

Taught by Dr. Russell Fuller
Three weekends (June 1-2; July 6-7; Aug 3-4), at Crossroads Bible College

The Reformation & Today

Taught by Dr. James Brandyberry
Tuesday nights, 7-10pm, at Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Fall 2018 dv

Greek I

Taught by Dr. Nicholas Piotrowski
Tuesday nights, 7-10pm, at Crossroads Bible College

Exilic & Post-Exilic Prophets

Taught by Dr. Kristopher Holroyd
Four weekends (Sept 21-22; Oct 26-27; Nov 16-17; Dec 7-8), at Castleview Church

God & Scripture (ST I)

Taught by Drs. Stephen Wellum & David Schrock
Three weekends (Sept 7-8; Oct 12-13; Nov 2-3) & four Wednesday nights, at LifePoint Church

History of Philosophy

Taught by Dr. James Spiegel
Monday nights, 7-10pm, at Castleview Church


Taught by Rev. Jeff Nottingham
Thursday nights, 7-10pm, at Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Tuition Cost

$135/Credit Hour
To Audit: $135/course




Indianapolis Theological Seminary began offering classes for the first time in the fall of 2016 that will accumulate in an M.A. degree.  Students can also supplement that curriculum with Biblical Languages and additional internships to earn an M.Div.  The aim of both programs is to graduate students who are adept at Hermeneutics & Biblical Theology, Historical & Systematic Theology, Cultural Apologetics, Ministerial Leadership, and Spiritual Transformation.  Read more about these distinctives here.

The unique component about ITS is that approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of the courses will be offered in local church contexts (internships, apprenticeships, etc.) while the rest will be taught in classroom settings.  Thus, ITS has the vision of wedding robust graduate-level academic instruction with real ministerial experience right here in Indianapolis. Internships will be carried out as arranged by the student and the supervising church/pastor; in-class courses will meet on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights with occasional weekend intensives. 

Master of Arts in Biblical Ministry

Credits earned in Class

Hermeneutics (2)
Pentateuch (3)
Pre-Exilic Prophets (3)
Poets (2)
Exilic & Post-Exilic Prophets (3)
Synoptic Gospels & Acts (3)
Pauline Theology (3)
General Epistles (2)
Johannine Theology (2)

ST I:  God & Scripture (3)
ST II:  Humanity & Christology (3)
ST III:  Holy Spirit, Salvation & Last Things (3)
ST IV:  The Church (1)

CH I:  The Church Fathers & Middle Ages (3)
CH II:  The Reformation & Today (3)

History of Philosophy (3)
Apologetics (3)


PRACTICAL THEOLOGY credits (at least 9) will be earned through local church internships. The study-foci of these internships will be chosen by the student and the overseeing church/pastor. Foci can include:
Pastoral Theology, Spiritual Growth, Polity, Evangelism & Discipleship, Preaching, Counseling, Marriage & Family, Missions, Church Planting, etc.


Six (6) credits will be earned either through more internships or specialty courses.

Master of Divinity

The ITS Master of Divinity degree includes ALL of the above courses, internships and electives, AND ADDS the following:

Credits earned in Class

Greek I (3)
Greek II (3)
Greek Exegesis (2)
Hebrew I (3)
Hebrew II (3)
Hebrew Exegesis (2)

Biblical Theology (3)

Church in the 20th & 21st Century (2)

credits earned through local church internships

PRACTICAL THEOLOGY credit requirements increase with the MDiv (at least 23), earned through local church internships. The study-foci of these internships are flexible to suite the educational goals of the student and the overseeing church/pastor. The typical foci most encouraged by ITS are:
Pastoral Theology, Spiritual Growth, Polity, Evangelism & Discipleship, Preaching, Counseling, Marriage & Family, Missions, Church Planting, etc.

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ITS has a growing collection of study and research materials, housed at the Katheryn Ulmer Memorial Library at Crossroads Bible College.  ITS students and the public can also access Crossroads' books and electronic resources. 
Click here to do a basic search of ITS's & CBC's holdings.  Students log in here for more advanced searches.


601 N. Shortridge Road
Indianapolis, IN 46219
[campus map]


Sunday            CLOSED
Monday           10am–8pm
Tuesday           10am–6pm
Wednesday     10am–3pm
Thursday         10am–8pm
Friday               CLOSED
Saturday          9am–1pm

NOTE: Library hours commonly change on and around holidays.  You can call the library to verify hours here: 317.789.8268.  Or, send our librarian a message here:

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Internships with local churches and/or ministries comprise ITS's "Practical Theology" (PT) courses.  Students pursuing the M.A. in Biblical & Theological Ministry degree are required to take 9 credits of Practical Theology (PT) courses.  Students pursuing the M.Div. degree are required to take 23 credits of PT courses. Internships can be in the following areas:

  • PT 501 Pastoral Theology (3 credits)
  • PT 505 Spiritual Growth (1 credit)
  • PT 510 Polity (2 credits)
  • PT 515 Evangelism & Discipleship (3 credits)       
  • PT 601 Preaching I  (3 credits)                           
  • PT 602 Preaching II  (3 credits)
  • PT 701 Counseling  (3 credits)                        
  • PT 705 Marriage & Family  (2 credits)                  
  • PT 710 Missions (3 credits)
  • PT 715 Church Planting (3 credits)

Additional internship in other areas can be considered as well.



Some areas of study are better accomplished by immersion into the life and daily activities of practitioners. The purpose of ITS internships is to provide students with real-world learning experiences that will foster practical ministry wisdom with strong theological moorings in the context of healthy Christian ministries, led by tried and proven practitioners. Students will learn practical details of the specific ministry in which they are interning, apply theological knowledge to said ministry, and produce experiential ministry fruit (preach, teach, counseling, evangelize, disciple, etc.). 


    The timing of these internships is very flexible.  Students can fit them into their schedule as suites them best in the course of pursuing a degree, beginning with the 500 level internships right away.  The 600 and 700 level internships are better experiences after having some Bible and Theology classes first.  The Preaching internships have Hermeneutics as a prerequisite.


    Students should locate their own internship or may approach the ITS Internship Director (ID) for assistance in securing an internship. The internship may or may not be completed in the student’s home church. The student should consider an opportunity which will broaden their experience and add depth to their resume. 

    Read more about where our students have interned: History of Student Internships


    Students must complete an Approval Form for each internship, and return to the Administrator at by the following dates:  

    • July 15 for fall PT courses
    • December 15 for spring PT courses
    • April 15 for summer PT courses 

    Internships will be approved by the ITS Internship Director (ID) by the following dates, at which time the student must register for PT course:

    • August 15 in order to register for fall PT courses
    • January 15 in order to register for spring PT courses
    • May 15 in order to register for summer PT courses

    For more information, download the Internship Handbook here.


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    Apply to Study at ITS

    Apply to Study at ITS

    Please use this form to apply to be a student at ITS.

    Instructions: The following items are required to audit, take classes for credit, or pursue a degree at ITS:

    • Application for Admission
    • $30 Application Fee
    • Official Post-Secondary Transcript(s) demonstrating completion of undergraduate degree (if taking courses for credit)
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