Our mission at Indianapolis Theological Seminary is to collaborate with local churches for biblical and theological training unto the glory of God. Primarily that means offering Master’s level courses and organizing practical internships within degree and certificate programs.

Equally, we are eager to bless entire congregations by coming to the church building (or parachurch location) to teach on a helpful lay-level. The goal is to help church leaders educate their people on various theological topics as they bear on our world today.  We have done seminars at Midtown Church, LifePoint Church, RSI, Christ Community Church, Campus Outreach, and Westminster Presbyterian to name a few.

Our teachers come from local churches around central Indiana who have years of experience teaching on specific theological topics.

The seminars can be set up however would meet the church’s need. We have done seminars as short as 2 hours on one night, to as long as 8 hours over 8 weeks (meeting 1 hour/week for consecutive weeks). Our aim is to bless your congregation or parachurch ministry, so we are happy to design a format that works for you. Here is a sample video as an example.

There is no cost to for these seminars. It is our joy to come teach your people. To help us further our mission, you can make an offering to the seminary of any amount as you see fit. Please contact our Director of Operations, Bruce Winter, at bwinter@indysem.org if you have any questions.

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