“Kingdom is one of those concepts everyone talks about but no one is quite sure what difference it really makes.” So says Nicholas Perrin, author of the new book The Kingdom of God: A Biblical Theology.  The arrival of the Kingdom of God is the primary organizing concept of all of Jesus’ teaching.  So what is it?  What are its characteristics? Is it political? Is it “spiritual?”  Are those even the right questions to ask?  In these two brief interviews Dr. Perrin addresses such issues, as well as other reasons he’s written this book (originally posted on the podcast “Exegetically Speaking”).

I’m particularly excited to post this blog because Dr. Perrin will be teaching a course called “Kingdom of God” for ITS May 23-25.  The first night, May 23 from 7pm to 10pm, is open to the public for free.  Please RSVP here.