Last week I had the privilege of discussing the importance of theological education—and specifically what ITS is doing—on Warp & Woof Radio with Drs. Mark Eckel and Clyde Posley Jr. Dr. Eckel is the President of the Comenius Institute, and Dr. Posley is the Senior Pastor at Antioch Baptist Church. Their weekly radio program airs live on Wednesdays 10am to noon on Radio Next, focusing on the “good works” going on around Indianapolis (taken from Titus 3:8, 14).

The first hour is a stimulating conversation between Drs. Eckel and Posley over Christian higher education, and the interview with me starts around the 1 hour time mark.

Listen to the program here.

Thanks again, Mark and Clyde, for having me on.  The Lord’s blessing on your own “good work” every Wednesday morning 10–noon!

  • Dr. Nicholas G. Piotrowski is the President & Academic Dean of Indianapolis Theological Seminary