In the spring of 2004 I interned under Mark Dever at Capitol Hill Baptist Church.  I had just finished my seminary education and thought I knew a lot (a common self-perception of recent grads!).  But my time at CHBC, and engaging regularly with Mark, the rest of the staff, and other interns, concretized my learning and greatly broadened my perceptions of the pastorate, church membership, missions and discipleship.  My ministry will always be marked by that time in DC.

Not in small part because of that experience, but also through the dictates of wisdom, ITS incorporates a lot of internships within our curriculum. I waited until my formal education was over to intern.  But a better learning experience is to intern while studying.  So we at ITS are eager to work with pastors and other ministry leaders to set up and run internships that target areas such as preaching, pastoral theology, evangelism & discipleship, missions, and counseling to name just a handful.  Learn more here.

Also, check out this 30-minute interview with Mark Dever about the value of internships within a local church for the good of the student and their future congregations.